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Faculty Publication :


Conference/Seminar Proceedings:


Sushmita Das,"Elizabethan Sonnets(With Special Ref. to Spenser and Sidney)",Renaissance Literature - Workshop at R.K.M.R. College, Narendrapur,5 February,2004.


Sonali Banerjee(Jash)),"Environmental Implications of Urban Based Industrialization",U.G.C. Sponsored National Seminar on Urbanization with special reference to Bengal,B.B.College Asansol,January,27-28,2006.


Sonali Banerjee(Jash)),"TRIPS - Journey from Marrakech to Doha",U.G.C Sponsored State Level Seminar-TRIPS:The Interests of the Developing nations ,Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya, Bongaon,March,2006.


Samarpita Ghosh Ray,"Exploring the 'Missing Girl'Question ", Gendered Atrocities and Violence Against Women U.G.C. sponsored Seminar,Rani Birla Girls' College,18 March,2005.


Samarpita Ghosh Ray,"Values at Crossroads:Reflections on Popular Hindi Cinema",Value-Devalued?:Social Solidarity Through the Pursuit And Cultivation Of Moral Values,U.G.C. Sponsored Regional Seminar,Department of Philosophy,Maharani Kasiswari College,18-19,January,2006.